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Trevor L. Brand Accounts Manager

“Pretty affordable service and contracts that are easy to read and edit. It also helps that there are instructions in the contracts to help us fill them out properly. It's also worth noting that I've been a Gold Member since April 2019, and as someone who routinely needs quick access to some business agreements, it serves my purposes. Much appreciated guys”

Teresa N.Junior Business Consultant

“Lovely team that is genuine and eager to help. The contracts require self-filling but the instructions simplify the entire process. More importantly, the contracts were easy to go through and read, which definitely added confidence between me and my spouse to assist in understanding what we were actually signing. Also we had a few tech issues when we were signing up and the customer service was very much ready to help”

Rutva S.Senior Paralegal

“I was happy to have finally come across some non-generic and reliable contracts online without the unnecessary language that you sometimes find. The free consultation my team and I had in May 2019 also added sincere value, and went beyond a mere 30 minute conversation. So we would like to take the times and thank the team for that”

Joaquin P. Derivatives Consultant

“I've been using these contracts as a gold member for a few months now and I can say that I am pleased overall. Unlimited downloads, which helps as a lot for a start up, and easy to fill out with some guidance that helped me populate the contract property, and without silly mistakes. Also, I found the team to be always helpful, and their customer service to be genuine, polite and patient”

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