Tenancy Agreements & Leasehold Estates

Properly classifying the leasehold estate between a landlord and tenant will govern their rights and responsibilities to each other. Further, it will determine how the tenancy will be terminated. There are four types of possessory estates: 1. Tenancy For Years Tenancy Agreement Tenancy Agreement Template The first type of possessory estate is called a tenancy […]

Contract For Deed Meaning

The meaning of a contract for deed is to provide a purchaser for real property with the option of buying land without a mortgage lender. It offers a simpler and more economic method of purchasing real estate. The purchaser pays the seller monthly installments, with the deed delivered to the purchaser once all payments have […]

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement – Things to Keep in Mind

A month-to-month rental agreement is a legal document that provides more flexibility to both landlords and tenants. It is sensible for a tenant seeking temporarily accommodation without having to commit to the usual 12 month lease. The rental agreement is also practical for landlords offering short-term leases, which must include the following clauses: Penalties for […]

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