A Business Acquisition Agreement is a contract between a buyer and seller that governs the purchase of one business by another or the merger of two companies.

Business Acquisition Agreement Key Terms   

This business acquisition agreement template will set out important terms including:

      • An identification of the stocks that will be transferred and the mechanics of the transaction
      • Identification of any conditions placed on the terms of the transaction
      • Provisions relating to the stocks to identify whether the stocks will be used as payment
      • Assurances by the seller of good title and profitability, in addition to the other representations and warranties
      • Assurances such as warranties and representations by the purchaser to ensure prompt payment
      • Covenants on behalf of the seller in order to denote promises to either do or not to do something prior to closing
      • A closing a termination provision which act as a means to alleviate any concerns by the seller to the purchaser



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