What Is A Confidentiality Agreement?

In a business context, a Confidentiality Agreement will typically serve to restrict an employee from disclosing confidential business information that is proprietary to the business or company.  However, there are exceptions including disclosure requests by law enforcement officials, or information already in the public domain. 




  What are the benefits a Confidentiality Agreement?


This Confidentiality Agreement will include the following terms:


In a business context, the value of a confidentiality agreement would also protect assets deemed confidential, including:

     ⇒  Equipments that are proprietary

     ⇒  Processes that are proprietary

     ⇒  Marketing/business campaigns that are proprietary

     ⇒  Proprietary inventions 

     ⇒  Client information that is proprietary

     ⇒  Financial information that is proprietary


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