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A Consulting Agreement is a legally binding contract between a client and a consultant who offers his/her services to the client for a fee. 

Consulting Agreement Key Terms 

This consulting agreement form will contain the following key terms:

      • The specific services being offered to the client
      • The scope of the services
      • The amount of time the consultant agrees to provide those services
      • The agreed upon fees
      • Additional terms for a consulting agreement with stock options

Clients who engage in the following activities may consider entering into a consulting agreement:

 The “Do’s” of A Consulting Agreement

THE BASICS: Before acquiring a consulting agreement template, the parties should have a good idea about: 1) the tasks that must be completed by the consultant; 2) the rates that will be associated with the individual projects; 3) an understanding of the goals the company wishes to achieve; and 4) any deadlines related to those goals.

While it may appear obvious, the template should not be signed prior to a complete understanding of the above, particularly as it pertains to the consultant, and only once both parties have had a chance to thoroughly review all of the provisions.

Once the template has been signed, each party must receive a signed copy; one for the company’s business records; and one for the consultant’s own personal records. And as an additional measure to ensure validity of the consulting agreement, the parties may also wish to have the agreement notarized and witnessed. Finally, while parties may wish to acquire these templates online, it is always sensible to have an attorney review the consulting agreement. =

Copyright Issues In A Consulting Agreement 

A consulting agreement should set out to clarify with certainty the often contentious issue of copyright in the work product and whether it will be transferred to the client or remain with the consultant. In the event it remains with the consultant, the consulting agreement should specify whether it will be licensed, and if so, whether it will be licensed on an exclusive or a non-exclusive basis.

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