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A Freelancer Agreement is a legally binding contract between an individual or company, and a freelancer, who will act as an independent contractor, not an employee.

Freelancer Agreement Key Terms

This freelancer agreement template will outline important terms and conditions including:

      • The nature of the work that the freelancer agrees to complete
      • The stated period of time for completion
      • The terms of compensation
      • The working relationship and expectation between both parties

The importance of this freelancer agreement template:

      • Expectations will be managed once the freelancer agreement is formalized and the freelancer and client are clear on the scope of work and the quality required
      • A legally binding document which can be referred to in the event of any disagreements
      • To instill some confidence in the freelancer who is not acting with the extensive benefits and protections afforded to an employee, but with a minimum set of terms which are clearly laid out and binding on the employer

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