What Is An Indemnity Agreement?

An Indemnity Agreement is a legally binding contract between a business, “the indemnitee“, and a secondary party, “the indemnifier“, who promises to protect or reimburse the indemnitee against any personal liability, claim, suit, or damage. Indemnity agreement real estate. 

This indemnity agreement will be most beneficial to businesses who need to protect against lawsuits originating from someone else’s negligent behavior, in addition to ensuring compensation for any loss or damage incurred.

Indemnity Agreement Key Terms   

This indemnity agreement template will also be suitable for people who:

      • Permit a third party to use their property and seek protection against any damage caused by that party
      • Parties who hire a third party business to carry out services on their behalf


   Indemnity Agreement, Indemnity Agreement Template

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