What Is An Independent Contractor Agreement?

An Independent Contractor Agreement is a contract which governs the relationship between a person or business providing industry specific freelancing services to another business.

Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for the employer, but rather on an “as needed” or short term basis, and is paid on a per-job basis. Independent contractor agreement Virginia. 

Independent Contractor Agreement Key Terms   

Key terms in an independent contractor agreement template will include:

1. A Statement of Relationship

It is always important to remember to properly define the role of an independent contractor, particularly for tax reasons, and protection against employee misclassification.

2. Project Description

The parties should be as detailed as possible when discussing the specifics of the tasks and deliverables that the independent contractor is expected to complete. Obviously, it’s important that the parties are clear on the work and tasks that will govern their relationship.

3. Payment Terms

The independent contractor agreement should clearly define how the independent contractor will be paid, and how he/she wants to be billed.

4. Duties & Responsibilities

This section under an independent contractor agreement is all the more important when dealing with larger entities with a multitude of departments or units. An effective process of communication should also be established from the outset.

Independent contractor agreement sample



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