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A Non Disclosure Agreement, or an NDA, is a legally binding contract that establishes confidentiality between two parties; the owner of the protected information (the person sharing the information), and the recipient of the information (the person receiving the information).

Objective of An NDA

The purpose of an NDA is to ensure that the parties to this agreement agree to protect any confidential agreement that is shared between them, and to not divulge, release, or use the information in any way, without the consent of the other party.

The agreement will define “confidential information” to include the following:

    • Proprietary information
    • Trade secrets
    • Designs
    • Details of contracts
    • Financial information
    • Personal/private information
    • Customer/client information

The following will typically not qualify as “confidential information” protected under an NDA:

    • Information in the public domain
    • Information which the parties agree is not confidential in writing
    • Information which has been shared following a party’s consent
    • Information that has been lawfully received by a third party

Situations Requiring A Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement template will be of most beneficial in the following circumstances:

Key Elements of a Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

      • The identification of the parties to the agreement
      • A clear definition of what constitutes “confidential” under the agreement
      • The receiving party’s obligation of non-disclosure and the scope of that obligation
      • The term of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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