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A Codicil To The Last Will & Testament is a legally binding document which allows the testator/testatrix to amend, update, or fully revoke specific provisions of the original will, with the condition that they are mentally competent to do so.

When To Use Codicil To Will

A codicil to will should be used as a means to make minor changes to a recent will. For example, if the testator has named his brother and sister in law as guardians to his daughters, he may use a codicil to will to make his brother the sole guardian in the event of a divorce.

However, if the will was drafted decades ago, and containing outdated legal language, or simply lacks clarity, it may be wiser to proceed with the drafting of a brand new will.

Additional Situations Requiring A Codicil To Will

        • Adding new beneficiaries that could include grandchildren
        • Removing the executor and replacing him/her
        • Making amendments  funeral wishes and requests

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