Level 4 | Paralegal Package

$3,000.00 $1,500.00

How We Serve You 

  1. Level 4 Paralegal Package. Law Links will provide you with a team of qualified virtual paralegals working under your direction for 30 time-tracked hours.
  2. Skilled Professionals. Our paralegals are routined evaluated and monitored by our team of professionals. They will have at least 10+ years’ experience within their practice area.
  3. Communication & Collaboration. Our paralegals work for you, performing the tasks on the schedule you set for them. Our paralegals must also provide detailed descriptions of time spent for each project.
  4. Additional Support. Our virtual paralegals are supported by additional staff should an illness or unexpected emergency arise.

What Your Virtual Paralegal Does for You   

  • Performing all due diligence searches
  • Performing intake and client support
  • Liaison with clients, opposing counsel, and courts
  • Preparation of petitions and schedules
  • Performing discovery, preparing case materials
  • Handling all manner of administrative tasks
  • Managing the case process
  • Keeping track of court dates
  • Assisting with trial preparation & trial proceedings
  • Perform claim investigations and manage case files

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